Thirty Snapshot Challenge: Table 11- Prompt 1

John calls them “boys,” mostly. He uses the phrase like an empty bottle, filling in with sharp reprimand or gruff love as the situation arises. Sometimes he calls them by name, though more often names are dropped when speaking to the child they do not (mostly) belong to, like a yoke on their shoulders.

“Watch out for Sammy.”

“Listen to Dean.”

Sometimes in a fit of irritation, John ends with the name he didn’t start with.

“S-ean! What do you think you’re doing, boy-s?”

“De-ammy, get over here, now!”

Sometimes when he’s sick or tired (or drunk) or in his head he’ll call them by their brother’s name.

“I’m so sorry, Sam.”

“Forgive me, Dean, please.”

He realizes after a while that what name he uses doesn’t matter, not really. No matter what name he calls, both of John’s boys will answer to it.


YAY I'm Insane!

Okay, so I've recently been diagnosed PDD-NOS which means Aspergers Syndrome (look here, they've got one of the best layman's guides I've seen, surprisingly) except I have two friends my age (Which has unfortunate implications that people with Aspergers must always and forever be alone... I don't know talk to my shrink). And as my first Autism awareness month (April) since I've been officially recognized as autistic, I'm doing something SUPER crazy.

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Boo-hoo :(

Hijacked my sister's computer to tell you guys that my computer is being a weeny right now so I won't be posting for a while, until I get it worked on. Which takes money I don't have, so... it might be a while. Wish me luck! And finances!

SPN fic: Emergency on Planet Earth

Title: Emergency on Planet Earth
Author: ilikemyhumordry
Beta: gluisa88 Thanks for helping me whip this into shape! You're awesome! Any mistakes left are my own.

Word count: almost 3,000
Spoilers: Supernatural Christmas, hint of Something Wicked… the canon wee!chester stuff, really.
Rating: PG13, thematic elements
Warnings: uh, ambiguity, inner turmoil, suspicions of murder and child abuse. Wee!chester MASSIVE SAM ANGST.
Disclaimer: Not mine, too bad.
Characters: Dean, Sam, OC’s, John, Matalicar.
Pairings: N/A
A/N: If your brother told you your dad kills monsters after you read a book that looks like it was written by a madman, would YOU believe him? Title from the song by Jamiroquai.

Summary: “911, what is your emergency? Hello?”  “Uh, hi, I’m… I need help.”  “Hey, deep breath. What’s wrong, honey?” "I think my dad is killing people."

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